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Best Alternative to BlueStacks (Similar Android Emulator Programs)

Hi good people and welcome to this post where we are going to give you best alternative to Bluestacks. If you have been going through our post you must have come across Bluestacks or you have already installed it on your computer. Well, that is a nice thing. We usually talk of it and give you this app as the best android emulator but there are other emulators in which you can go forth and install. Bluestacks just like any other emulator app helps you or stands as a supporting app to android applications. This means if you need to install android app be it a game or what then and emulator has to be there. Otherwise the app will not play.

Android Emulator

Best Alternative to BlueStacks

Best alternatives to Bluestacks

Here is a list of best alternatives to Bluestacks and we are laying them download so that you can be able to choose which to use as far as android apps on PC are concerned.

YouWave android emulator

This is actually rated as the second best android emulator from Bluestacks and it has been in use for quite some time now. It has no much difference when it comes to being in use in a PC from Bluestacks. One thing that sets them aside is that it is a paid app. This is because it comes with more features than Bluestacks. YouWave can be able to help in transferring images, it comes with multiplayer in games, you can simulate it on SD card, it has the dynamic rotation feature which allows you to change portrait to landscape and you can use any android application using this software.

Android emulators

Best Alternative to BlueStacks

WhatsApp for PC

WindowsAndroid Emulator

This is yet another alternative which you can use and one thing about it and the reason why some people choose it over others is the fact that it is very stable and its speed is just perfect. Other features include; low confirmation system, high performance and nice and simple interface.

Jar of beans emulator

This is another best alternative to Bluestacks and it runs android Jelly beans 4.1.1 version. We believe you may have come across it somewhere. Jar of beans features diversity of applications; it is portable for windows and well-suited apps.

Android for PC emulator

This software was specifically developed for PC as name suggest. It has a virtual box which allows google operating system to play on windows. The only thing which makes android for PC different from other android emulators is the fact that you have to use a bootable CD when installing. It is lighter compared to other emulators and you can customize its appearance. This makes it the best alternative for Bluestacks

If you have desired for long to use android emulator other than Bluestacks on PC then this article has helped. In case you need any help or have question, suggestions or opinion about best alternative to Bluestacks just write to us and we will get back to as soon as possible.

Viber for PC

Viber for PC Download on Windows 7/8 Computer & Mac

Our focus today goes to Viber for PC and this is what we are going to talk about. It is a simple guide which will allow you use Viber on PC. This is one of the most used communication app in the days we are living in. if you are yet to install this app on your android device then you are behind our times. Many people think that they might download an app and lack people whom they can use it with. It is all about connections which you can get from your friends. So far we have witnessed millions of download of this app and this is a clear prove that many people use it. We are going to look on what this app has inside it and what makes people fall for it.

Viber for PC

Viber for PC Download

Features of Viber for PC

  • Being a communication application it has with high quality HD voice calls and this means you will be able to hear each other clear from both sides no matter the geographical region.
  • You can make video calls and be able to see a person whom you are talking.
  • You can be able to send text messages to people who you are connected to on Viber for PC or Whatsapp for PC. also send photos and use stickers to make the conversation beautifully interesting.
  • It fully synchronizes your mobile and windows
  • You can be able to transfer calls from Viber for PC to other devices of your choice
  • It needs no registrations while you open it or passwords. All you need to have is phone number and that will be enough.

Download Viber for PC

Viber for PC

Download Free Viber for PC

  • The first thing which you need to download is Bluestacks app player. In case you have this app you do not need to install it again
  • Open Bluestacks after it has downloaded and installed on your computer
  • Go to the search bar and enter Viber for PC
  • Once you see the result click and it will automatically download on your PC
  • After that you can go forth and install Viber for PC
  • Go to My Apps on Bluestacks and find Viber and it will be ready for use.

Note that you can as well download Viber for PC on Ubuntu and it is also simple and so there is no hindrance for having this app on your PC. Read also: Hike Messenger for PC.

Now get in touch with your friends who are far and near you and get connected to them. After that you will only need internet which will help you to be connected and be able to chat with people. If you have been searching for Viber for PC and this guide has been effective make an effort of sharing with your friends on BlogYourOwnBusiness Tech.

Download Hike Messenger for PC

Download Hike Messenger for PC Tutorial (Windows 7/8 Computer)

We are here to give you a guide on how to download Hike Messenger for PC. You are here because you are looking for a guide on how you can have this app on your computer and we are here and ready to give it unto you. Hike Messenger has been there and you might be using it on your android device. We also understand that there are people who are using different gadgets which do not have android operating system and this is a hindrance from using Hike messenger. But now with the Download Hike Messenger for PC you have no excuse and if your friends have been asking you why you have not joined and you didn’t know what to tell them we are going to help you give them some goodness.

Hike Messenger for PC Download Guide

Download Hike Messenger for PC

This app is available on Google play store for free and you can download it today. If you go to the communication category Download Hike Messenger is there and you will get to see how it is rated. And this is one of the things which will make you download Whatsapp Messenger for PC. This is because among other apps Download Hike Messenger has been downloaded by millions of people and this means if you download it then there are enough people who you can get in touch with.

Download Hike Messenger for PC – Features

  • You will be able to send unlimited text messages at any day and all you need is internet connection and people to chat with and we are sure you already have a list.
  • You can share voice notes, videos and photos and it also supports different types of files which you can be able to send.
  • The privacy of this app is high and your profile and information cannot be accessed by people.
  • It also features a hidden mode whereby it is only close friends who can be able to see talk
  • You can be able to send a message to a person and if they are not available online at that time on Hike Messenger for PC then they will receive your message as SMS.
Download Hike Messenger for PC

Hike Messenger for PC Download Guide

Download Hike Messenger for PC

With this guide you ca be able to Download and install Hike Messenger for PC windows 7, 8 and XP. It is a simple guide but before we go to it you will need to have updated your computer’s graphic drivers. Otherwise it will result to error and you will not be able to use Hike Messenger for PC.

  • Download and install Bluestacks from their official website.
  • Enter Hike Messenger for PC on the search bar
  • Click to download
  • Install Hike Messenger for PC

It is as simple as that and you do not have to get an expert to help you on this. If you get any challenge while using our guide on how to Download Hike Messenger for PC feel free to let us know about it.

Telegram Messenger on PC

Webogram – Download or Use Telegram Messenger on PC

Hello and welcome to our today’s topic on Webogram – Download or Use Telegram Messenger on PC. Sure you have heard about it through friends or also seen it online. If not do not worry because we will be kind enough to let you know what this app is all about. Whenever you see a word such as Telegram something which hit your mind is communication. And you are not wrong about it. Telegram Messenger is a communicating app which is there to be used by us and the developer had you and me in mind and it caused him to come up with this idea of making communication a little bit easier. And so you do not have to keep on panicking for the telephone bills as you have been.

Use Telegram Messenger on PC

Download or Use Telegram Messenger on PC

This is because Telegram Messenger will do the work and all you need to do is apply a little efforts of using it. Telegram Messenger for PC is available and you can now use it. All you need is have your computer connected to internet, download this app and start using it. Another thing is that you need to get connected to people and you can as well invite them to join you. After that you can be able to keep in touch and talk as offer as possible. Do not forget that the app is also available for android phones and tablets. Check out: whatsapp for pc

Webogram -Telegram Messenger on PC – More about it

Well, if you have been looking for a guide on how you can be able to use this app on your computer we are going to help you find. But before we go to that it is good to notify you that Telegram Messenger is still in alpha version. If this is confusing then I’ll let you know what it is all about. All what this means is that this version was produced earlier and so there is the Beta version of it. And as you know second edition is always the best. This is to tell you that alpha version will not work as perfectly as you would have wished. Actually if you visit the official page you will notice the same thing.

Telegram Messenger on PC

Use Telegram Messenger on PC


Download or Use Telegram Messenger on PC


Before we go to the whole process you will be required to have installed Telegram Messenger on any your android device and have already registered using your phone number. Otherwise applying the whole process that we are ready to give you will be a vain thing.

  • After you have finished doing that got to Webogram official website and start the messaging option
  • This will take you to a place where you sign in. this includes giving details such as the name of your country and phone number.
  • Click next and this is where a key will be generated by Webogram and after that you will receive a text with the key on the sim card that you registered with.
  • Once you do the journey for downloading and using Download or Use Telegram Messenger on PC will be offer.

And now you can be able to use Telegram Messenger on PC. It is that simple and in case you have a challenge on how to can download or Use Telegram Messenger on PC remember we are here for you. Check out more guide on BlogYourOwnBuisiness.